Local ViP Escort Star Model-Mia

Freelance VIP Escort, Mia; she is tall, confident and mysterious. Doesn’t talk much but smiles a lot. Hard to see her around, if you get a glance of her, it would really made your day.( Sorry guys VIP only)

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Local Escort In Subang-Tammy

i pose for nude can you believe that? modelling agency once told me that it is an art when a girl pose for nude. i had tried many times, but i’m afraid. this time i suceed. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Independent Sexy Escort-Miley

Miley has a knack for the color red, it her that ask me to put this theme here all in red. She says, she loves red color coz it means ambitious in her country. Well, such a cute girl ask you for something… you just give, right?

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